Is Painting Brick a Good Idea?

This beautiful old home was painted a Rich Royal Blue The beauty of brick is timeless; People love brick for its elegance and beauty as well as its durability and colorfastness.  However, not even brick lasts...

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Do Home Inspections Really Affect Property Value?

A Home Inspection can and often does change the property value of a home. Within any real estate transaction there are unknowns; The buyer and seller can both be unaware of issues with the home beyond...

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Why Home Inspectors Report Defects Not Code Compliance

Home Inspectors report defects, not code compliance. We are concerned with reporting to our clients the existence of dangerous conditions that  have the potential to harm persons and/or property. Along with The Standards of Practice, this is...

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AFCI and GFCI Safety

AFCI's and GFCI's can be installed as part of an outlet or integrated with the breaker in the panel. There are several safety features found in the outlets of a modern home. Depending on when a...

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