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Mold requires food and moisture to survive. Ironically, building material provides great food for mold. When moisture is introduced it can create a perfect environment for mold growth. One of the greatest introductions of moisture in a home is actually through air flow. Warm air can carry a lot of moisture and when it hits a cooler surface, moisture condenses on the surfaces. If trapped, it can remain, causing mold and serious damage. Mold can grow in ducts, walls and attics.

Rest Assured Inspections LLC provides thorough mold testing services with the intent to safeguard your family from the health risks caused by mold growth in your home. Our home inspectors are skilled at identifying mold growth, and can guide you in taking the next step to mitigation or negotiation based on the seriousness of the problem. A musty odor could be mold growing in your home. Reach out to us immediately when you notice such a smell or spot any sign of mold in your home.


Mold can be hidden in ductwork, behind walls or in attic spaces. Often confused with mildew, mold is much more harmful in comparison. It can cause a variety of health issues, like skin allergies, eye irritations and shortness of breath if exposed for long periods.

We can test for mold in the air or directly from suspicious surfaces. We take at least 1 air sample inside (depending on the space) and one outside to use as a base line for comparison. Surface samples can be taken wherever mold is suspected.

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