Residential Inspections

Residential inspections are a great way for homebuyers to safeguard their investment and save money on the purchase of their home. Imagine buying a house and one month after moving in, you find out that you have inherited expensive issues with the property.

A residential home inspection helps home buyers protect their interests when they purchase a property.

On the other hand, a home inspection initiated by the seller before the property is listed for sale will enable the seller to identify problems and fix them before a buyer ever gets a look at them. Even if you don’t intend on fixing the problems, you can at least ensure a transparent dealing with all potential buyers.

Similarly, homeowners planning to stay in their home awhile can use an inspection to identify deep‐ rooted and developing issues with their property and address them before they turn into expensive problems.

Owners of New Build properties can take advantage of the one‐year home warranty period and get a home inspection before it expires. Make sure the contractor takes care of any problems before the warranty expires.


Determining the true condition of a residential property demands more than just a visual and non‐invasive inspection. That is why, at Rest Assured Inspections LLC, we offer more than just simple home inspections.

Here are some of the additional and complementary services that we offer:

  • Radon Testing: Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is hazardous to human health. It occurs in pockets of rock along the Front Range. Determining if your home has any Radon can only be done with specialized Radon testing. At Rest Assured Inspections LLC, we use alpha spectrometry to precisely calculate the radon level to ensure your home and its occupants are safe from Radon Radiation.
  • Mold Testing: The presence of Mold in a residential environment can be the cause of numerous respiratory issues. Since it grows in moist areas that are void of any light, detecting mold becomes an issue, especially before it grows and turns into a serious health hazard. We offer air and surface sampling services, and all testing is done by a local certified lab.
  • Sewer Scope: Problems with sewer pipes can turn out to be an expensive fix. We use a color, self‐leveling camera to check the condition of a property’s sewer to identify problems before you purchase the property and giving you bargaining power.
  • Thermal Imaging: Thermal imaging in home inspections can reveal hidden problems like water damage, insulation deficiencies, or electrical problems.

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