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A sewer line is often one of the first things to go in at a property. That means that everything is rolling on top of it from forklifts to delivery trucks. This means that it can also be the first to get damaged. This damage can reveal itself immediately if severe or present itself after years of use. Another factor in sewer line damage are trees. If a line has a small leak in it, the contents can be quite appealing to tree roots seeking moisture and nourishment. When this happens roots can fill a sewer line causing blockages and further damage to the line. For this reason, a sewer scope is an essential element in understanding the story of your home.

Our Drain Cam has a 200 ft cable enabling the inspector to reach the city tap at most homes. The camera boasts a self-leveling color camera to provide a crisp, high quality video that illuminates issues. It also contains a Sonde Transmitter which can enable the inspector to locate where the defects occur in the line. The video is recorded on a USB and uploaded online with a link directly from your report.

Our qualified home inspectors at Rest Assured Inspections LLC are skilled in performing sewer scopes to understand issues before closing, which saves you money.

The Sewer Scope Inspection Process

A sewer scope inspection conducted with a high definition camera provides images and videos to detect any flaws in the sewer lines or underground pipes.

Our high-tech equipment used for sewer scope in Arvada reveals blockages as well as damages that when ignored, can become an expensive mistake. We assure you a clean and sanitary inspection by examining the sewer lines externally.

At Rest Assured Home Inspections LLC, our qualified inspectors are skilled in performing the sewer scope inspection to verify the condition of an underground sewer line.

The inspectors finish the entire process within an hour and present a report with information about any drainage issues. The report includes still shots taken by the camera to present a visual proof of the state of the sewer line.

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